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My name is Ashlee Sikorski. I'm a certified coach, Enneagram teacher, and goat enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon with dear friends and my loving spouse.

Nine Shapes is a passion project which aims to help individuals connect using the framework of the Enneagram, without falling into the trap of reducing our multifaceted, unique, individual selves to a type on a personality framework.

How do we simultaneously use this beautiful tool that many of us find life in while avoiding treating others like easily categorizable objects?

The answer is simple: conversation and active listening.

Nine Shapes’ questions are exploratory and based on the nine types from the Enneagram, while still being general enough for anyone to get something out of playing the game. The shapes themselves are meant to combine the mysteriousness of art with the mystery of human personality. I like to joke that the nine different shapes are ink-blot test meets Enneagram. Tell me what you see! 


Enneagram Resource, Enneagram Game

The idea for Nine Shapes first came to me during an Enneagram workshop I was attending in London with Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes. I visited the Tate Modern and saw Henri Mattise's "The Snail." I instantly fell in love with it's grandeur and history, and I spent the following months studying Matisse's cut-outs. 

The shapes are artistic interpretations of each number which began with some initial impressions and developed with the feedback of more than a dozen Enneagram-savvy confidants, including the ever so talented Leah Lavelle, who really brought the beauty of these shapes to life! 

I hope you enjoy the game!

Best, Ashlee 


Enneagram Resource, Enneagram Game
Enneagram Resource, Enneagram Game