The Enneagram

Enneagram is an ancient personality-typing system with shockingly accurate descriptions of the human personality. In Greek, “ennea” means nine, and “gram” means drawing, referring to the figure drawn above. The Enneagram separates people into nine core types based on desires and fears. These desires and fears are a mix of nature (what we were born with) and nurture (early ways we learned to cope with unmet needs – yes, even if you had wonderful parents).

Based on this mix of nature and nurture, the Enneagram conveys that each human personality centers around one core psychological cycle of desire and fear at the expense of others. One could say the “volume gets turned up” on a certain set of characteristics, relating styles, and parts of reality one connects with, based on this psychological cycle. The nine types and three intelligence centers of the Enneagram are a map of the way the human soul dances through these loud rooms.

There is so much more to Enneagram. Be sure to continue your research and insightful thought for integrated learning. Find a list of resources on my website.


Intelligence Centers