A side-by-side guide for relating across the nine different personality types of the Enneagram.

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Naomi Garcia, Mighigan Conference, The United Methodist Church
my review

I train coaches, mediators and workshop facilitators.
The Enneaflip will be a helpful resource for them and for our shared project/assignment debriefs.

Travis Vangsnes
A brilliant, practical, and needed tool

How many of us who love the Enneagram regularly lament that there’s not a good way to bring it into the workplace or practically incorporate it into working on teams? That’s just one application (family relationships, friends, marriages, etc could be others). The Enneaflip is the missing tool we’ve all been looking for! Really helpful background info on the Enneagram and explanations on body types and using it as a tool. Growth practices and quick guide is concise and awesome.

The real brilliance is that it gives the user the ability to pair each of the numbers up together alongside one another to better understand each other’s motivations, gifts, blind spots, and ways to work better together. I’ll be referencing this innovative tool a lot. Thank you!!!

Kennesha V Rodgers
Helpful resource!

Love the clean, simple content on a format that is very usable in a coaching conversation

Nancy Sheppard


Sally Henry
What an amazing resource!

I ordered two of these for my bosses, and was impressed with the quality of the product, both in look and in ease of use. My bosses were impressed with it as well and immediately put it into use with our staff! (I've even used it with my children - shh, don't tell!) Thank you for this amazing tool - I have recommended it to other business contacts as well!