Do you not know about the Enneagram Subtypes?

Do you not know about the Enneagram Subtypes?

By Ashlee Sikorski

Do you not know about the Enneagram Subtypes?

Sway Leadership is hosting a 9-part series to explore the variations of thinking, feeling, and doing according to Enneagram theory and even more specifically, the subtypes. This company uses both curiosity and the nine shapes as visual aids in their Enneagram presentations. 

Scott Allender and Ashlee Sikorski, authors of the Enneaflip and Certified Enneagram practitioners will be facilitating all nine of this Enneagram Sway Series.

During these sessions, they will go over:

  • The genius or superpower of the Enneagram Type

  • The emotional passion, core fear, and virtue of each of the 9 Enneagram types

  • The 3 instincts and the 3 subtypes in each of the 9 Enneagram types

  • There will be a panel interview to hear from people who identify with being dominant in each of the core Enneagram types


“As practitioners we see a lot of folks using the Enneagram without engaging with the instincts and that may be hindering their growth path. We know that exponential development happens when we understand our type’s at an instinctual level and we want to give you the tools and knowledge to understand the complexities of the Enneagram framework. We hope you join us for these events!”


If you want to interact with the Enneagram with both curiosity and at a human level, these virtual, free events are for you