We Love When You Play Nine Shapes!


By Ashlee Sikorski

We Love When You Play Nine Shapes!

Hi friends, do you play Nine Shapes outdoors, indoors, or at large parties? We’re compiling photos of our customers’ favorite ways to play Nine Shapes and favorite settings to play them in. Please send us an email to nineshapescards@gmail.com with a picture or multiple photos of you or a group of people playing Nine Shapes. 

We’ll feature you on our social media and you’ll have a chance to win a $30 gift card to the shop.


Here’s how to enter.


  1. Take a picture of you or a group playing Nine Shapes
  2. Upload that picture in an email to nineshapescards@gmail.com with a description of how or whom you like to play with
  3. Send the email for a chance to win $ and be featured on our social media


Hope you’re summer’s off to a great start!


Ashlee Sikorski,

Founder of Nine of Shapes